The Best American-Made Kitchen Knife Set That Is Loved By Chefs

Because there are so many kitchen knife sets on the market, choosing the best american made kitchen knife set might seem overwhelming. You can narrow down your selection to five knives that we recommend!

Every cook should have a set of high-quality, highly functional kitchen knives.

We conducted an in-depth investigation to discover the best American-made kitchen knife set.

Knives made in America are up there with the best, despite the fact that many people swear by German and Japanese knives as the best knives in the east and west.

The history of knife-making may be more extensive and prolonged for Japanese and German knives. Knife makers in the United States, however, are also able to produce knives that are just as functional and attractive.

Don’t limit your search for a new knife set to Japanese and German knives next time you’re shopping for one.

Our research has shown that these are the American-made kitchen knife sets with the most outstanding features that you should take a look at. Moreover, these knives possess outstanding craftsmanship and art!

Best American Made Kitchen Knife Set

An eight-piece set containing a bag and honer in the cut is available from Dexter iCut Stainless Steel.

This beautiful, sturdy, and affordable set has all the knives beginners need.

1. Lamson Fire-Forged 6-Piece Block Set

Since almost 179 years ago, Lamson cutlery has been crafting unmatched knife sets and cutlery.

Because of their variety in size and shape, Lamson knives have now become widespread in homes and professional kitchens since they were first introduced in Massachusetts back in 1837.

Lamson Fire-Forged 6-Piece Block Set Features


With 3.5″ pairings, 6″ fillets and bonings, 8″ carvers, 8″ chefs, 10″ steel, and a 9-slot block, this knife set is a great place to start.


Hand-forged in the United States, these blades are made with stainless steel from Solingen, Germany.

Hot-dropping, which is the traditional method of forging blades, ensures that they are sharper, harder, and more elastic.

Lamson fire-forged tools come with resin-infused ebony, natural wood, or acrylic handles.

These knives are also visually appealing due to their fire and smoking handles.


It is due to the full tang blades and triple-riveted handles that these knives are among the best American-made kitchen knives.

As well as offering a smooth transition from handle to blade, this kitchen knife set features a curved and recessed bolster.

Consider the Lamson Fire-Forged 6-piece Block Set if you want something convenient yet effective.

The things we like are:

Stainless steel, the best available, is forged in Solingen, Germany.The knives will last a long time, so you know you’ll use them for a long time.

2. Case Household Cutlery Knives

The Case brand first became known for its handsome and sharp hunting and sport knives, but later expanded into kitchen cutlery, including this exquisite set. A Pennsylvania-based company with over a decade of experience, they are based in Bradford.



Among the knives included the 8″ chef’s knife, the 9″ slicing knife, the 8″ serrated bread knife, the 7″ santoku knife, the 6.5″ tomato slicer, and the 10″ paring knife sharpener.


Steel alloys have been blended into Tru-sharp stainless steel to give it hardness, sharpness, and corrosion resistance.

The rivets are securely mounted to the full-tang, rustic walnut handle.


Sharp, well-protected, and built to last for a long time, they are incredibly durable. It might be necessary to take extra care of the handles, since they are coarse.

To sum it up, Case Household Cutlery Knives make some great kitchen knives. You can also use these pocket knives around the house and outside.

Our favorite things:

Triple-riveted walnut handles are durable. Full tang blades are awesome too!


  • Storage and protection are made easy with the hardwood countertop storage block.
  • Due to the triple-riveted walnut handles, the knives are durable, but still comfortable to use for a prolonged period of time.
  • Knives can be sharpened with minimal effort.


  • Those who find the handle clunky might not enjoy using it.

3. Cutco 19-Pc Kitchen Knife Set Cherrywood Block

The company is based in Olean, New York, and makes advanced technology knives with lifetime guarantees.



This set includes a 3″ gourmet pairing knife, trimmer, santoku-style trimmer, 7″ santoku, an 8″ santoku carver, a 10″ santoku slicer, a traditional cheese knife, gourmet knife, prep knife, turning fork, an 8 table knives.


American-made kitchen knives are available under this brand. Forging high-carbon stainless steel enhances sharpness and durability.

Furthermore, they feature oak blocks with cherry finishes as handles.


It includes a wide variety of knives designed for comfort and ease of use, covering all cutting needs in the kitchen and around the home.

In contrast to its 21-piece sibling, it lacks a vegetable peeler and a super shearer. Although these knives are high-end and not cheap, once you own them, you’ll understand why they are one of the best in the world.

Our favorite things are:

Cutco’s Lifetime Sharpening program eliminates the need to spend time sharpening knives or damaging them with bad sharpening techniques. There should be more kitchen knife companies adopting this great feature.


  • High-carbon steel kitchen knives stamped with the highest quality 
  • Knives fit for specific purposes are also included in the block of knives.
  • This cherry wood block is both beautiful and safe for your knives.


  • Those who are concerned about the cost might be discouraged by it.
  • Knives do not retain their edges well.

4. Dexter i-Cut Stainless Steel 8-Piece Cutlery Set

Southbridge, Massachusetts is the location of Dexter Rusell’s manufacturing company. With sharp edges and excellent edge retention, the knife in this set closely mimics a Japanese knife.



This set includes a 10″ chef’s knife, a 10″ slicer, an 8″ bread slicer, a 7″ santoku knife, a 6″ boning knife, a 3.5″ paring knife, a black nylon case, and a 10″ diamond sharpener.


Strong, flexible, durable, durable, and stain-free steel ensures strength, flexibility, and durability.

This set includes handles made from Santoprene that are easy to grasp and safe to use, as well as a unique sharpening tool to repair or renew the edge in the event it breaks.

If you are unsure of your knife sharpening skills, you can return the knives to the manufacturer.


Diamond sharpener and nylon cutlery casing indicate professional use, which explains the presence of these features. Their sharpness, comfort, and ease of maintenance make them highly desirable.

Our favorite things are:

There is nothing quite like this set from Dexter. Designed with great style and made from Japanese steel! Due to its full tang, each blade is flexible and durable. Additionally, steel is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant to a certain extent.


  • There is also a diamond sharpener included with this set, as well as a black nylon case.
  • Steel knives are durable and flexible because they are made of high-carbon steel.
  • Knives are fitted with Santopropene handles to ensure safety and convenience.


  • Knives with stamped designs are stronger than those with forged designs

5: Rada Cutlery Anthem Series Oak Block 7-Pc Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Rada Mfg. Co.  As a manufacturer of quality cutlery and knives in the USA since 1948, located in Waverley, Iowa.

Among the best American-made kitchen knives, they offer a return policy that makes them stand out. In the event that the knife or product purchased is defective, the buyer may receive a refund.



An oak block, a tomato slicer, a super parer, and heavy-duty paring knives.


High-carbon surgical steel with a matte finish forged from surgical-grade steel.

Because the handles are made of black resin, they can be washed in the dishwasher, but it is recommended that you hand wash them.


Almost all cutting functions can be performed with this knife set. Moreover, they have large handles that offer a comfortable grip and ease of use, which make them a great kitchen knife.

Easily rivals any other high-end knife set made in the USA as one of the best kitchen knife sets on the market. Steel blades are forged from a high-quality alloy and designed for a comfortable grip.

What We Like:

This knife set is ideal for barbecue lovers since it’s one of the best on the market for preparing meat meals. Our favorite part about them is the large, ergonomic handles that make them truly comfortable to hold. They also make great gifts!


  • Meat and other types of food can be cut with this lovely design with serrated edges.
  • Using knives is easy, which means preparing food is faster and easier.
  • Each knife is constructed with a stainless steel blade of surgical grade, which ensures its utter durability and quality.


  • Many people are concerned about the high price once again.
  • Dishwashers can dull knives, so be careful not to wash them too often. Knives should instead be hand-washed.

We have highlighted five top-quality American knives here!

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FAQs: Best American Made Kitchen Knife Set

Does anyone need a knife set?

Whether you are a professional chef or a savvy home cook who cuts vegetables, debones poultry, or fillets fish, you will need a knife set. By having so many knives, chefs can do their work more quickly and efficiently. 

Which material is best for knives?

The best knife for any user, regardless of their level of experience, is a stainless steel knife.

Are knife sets worth buying or are they clutter? 

There is something overwhelming about seeing nine or twelve knives. It is common for chefs to switch knives with different tasks when working in a professional kitchen. It is common to have knives dedicated to deboning, others for slicing vegetables, and special knives for chopping.   

What is the importance of having a knife block? 

Depending on its use and maintenance. Chefs carry their knives around all the time, so they keep them in knives bags. In the absence of these solutions, home cooks store knives in blocks or another way that keeps them safe and organized. 

What are the benefits of choosing an American-made knife?

Knives made in Germany and Japan are generally designed to fit Europeans and Japanese.American users, however, prefer knives with a different construction. Because of this, many brands design knives especially for Americans. 

Japanese companies make American-friendly knives like Shun. Knives made by American brands use indigenous materials as well. 

With the USA guarantee on the quality of the knives, home cooks will be more confident in the knives.

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