Choosing a Green Electronics Manufacturing Company

No matter how people refer to it – green, eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly, or a dozen other similar phrases – there are a lot of electronics manufacturing and electronics businesses latching on to the ‘green’ movement.

This raises the question about who is “talking the talk” just for the sake of positive marketing, and who is actually “walking the walk” by implementing green processes, utilizing green materials and producing green products.

If choosing green electronics manufacturing companies, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration:

Manufacturer or Middle-Man – Is the electronics manufacturing company you are working with actually a China manufacturer or are they a middle-man? A middle-man (also commonly referred to as a ‘broker’ or ‘reseller’) takes your order, pays another company to make it, and has no control over the processes and materials used by their supplier. Based on this, real control over the amount of ‘green’.

Location – The closer the electronics manufacturing company is to your location, the less transportation is required for the goods. In turn, this directly relates to reduced consumption of resources and less emissions. If you are dealing with a middle-man you should inquire about the location/distance the goods are being shipped from.

Green Policy – Does the electronics manufacturing company have a comprehensive ‘green’ policy that applies to their entire business or does it only apply to selected areas?

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