Finding the Right Kind of English to Chinese Translation

On the face of it, finding someone to do some English to Chinese translation of your document or programme may seem a simple enough idea. Surely it’s just a matter of finding someone who speaks both English and Chineseand considers themselves fluent? It’s not until you start looking at all the different nuances of English depending on the country you are in, that you realise it may not be so simple. You need a translator who can take your work, and make it work for the exact audience you have in mind.

There are so many double meanings, emotions, and ideas involved when looking at any language. Find a company that employs translators who are not only fluent in the languages you need, but who are also living within the target country you need your Chinese translation to be used in. You want to give your readers the sense that you respect them and their culture right from the outset. A fluent non native speaker may miss an important nuance that ends up changing everything for you.

You need a specialist from translation services English to Chinese who can make your piece fit the widest possible audience so it can be well understood. The end result will alter depending on the original language of the piece. The more technical or high end business documents need to preserve the same formal tone, whereas the more colloquial documents need to have that casual flavour retained. It is also important that any slogans or catch phrases used are placed in the new language’s context.

Ask the company you are working with how they go about selecting their contractors. Do they look for people who have expertise in your field? They need to be able to understand the documents they are reading. They also need to have up to date understanding in both your culture, and theirs.

Finding someone who can reliably deliver an excellent Chinese translation means you can cross off one more of your “to do” items, knowing it’s going to deliver the same message you created first in English. Choose professional translation services Chinese to English that can deliver a high standard every time to ensure a quality product and end result.

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